Rabbit Ears Hike

As you drove into Steamboat along highway 40 West, you probably heard of something we call Rabbit Ears Pass. And as you were traveling along 40 and looked out the window on the pass, you likely understood why it is called that. It’s because of the two rocks that sit on top of a mountain and look like “rabbit ears.” Those iconic rocks have some fantastic hiking that will take you up to the base of the formations where you can enjoy some absolutely gorgeous views! You will see clear out to the Flat Tops Wilderness, through the Yampa Valley, and then into Wyoming on the back side. It’s one of my favorite spots for a fall hike to see the changing of seasons.

How To Drive Your Car To The Rabbit Ears Hike

Step by step instructions

Take Highway 40 East and turn left onto the Dumont Lake Campground road. Follow that road until you see the Rabbit Ears Pass monument where you will turn left. From there follow signs for NFSR 311 then turn right onto NFSR 291. These roads are pretty rugged, so 4-wheel drive and a vehicle with higher clearance is highly recommended.

The Hike

The trek to Rabbit Ears itself is approximately 3 miles up with an elevation gain of 1,000 feet. The highest point brings you to a whopping 10,651 feet above sea level. As we always recommend, pack lots of water, sunblock, and some layers as the fall weather does get a bit brisk!


After the Hike

Come back and enjoy a lovely soak in the hot tub at your rental property or take a drive over to the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Your muscles will thank you! Later on, enjoy dinner at one of Steamboat’s many restaurants or grill up some steaks at home and relax.

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Photo Credit: Duncan Lang