Physical Fitness

The mountain mecca of Steamboat is known for being a very health conscious, active community. You will see people biking all around town during the winter and summer, folks out skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, and more. If you are looking for a great workout while you are here, there are plenty of places to go. Join a yoga class, pilates class, or get a solid cardio and strength workout as well.

Steamboat Pilates & Fitness

At Steamboat Pilates & Fitness, their goal is to help you find that deeper strength that we all have inside of us. They believe in the integrity of movement patterns that will make you strong not just in the gym, but at home as well. It all starts from the core, no matter what type of workout you are doing. Stop on by for a great pilates/reformer class or partake in a TRX Intervals class.

For a full list of classes and pricing, please visit their website at

Manic Training

If you’re goal is to be “ready for life” and whatever it throws at you, then Manic Training is the place to go. Manic is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) program developed to improve athleticism for people wishing to live and compete in an active lifestyle. They use various strength and conditioning exercises that are real-world practical. So whether you are chasing your kids around the house, or moving boxes, Manic will prepare you for all of it.

There is a wide assortment of drop-in classes offered. Just pencil yourself in online! Their website is For more information on classes, you can also call them at 773.729.0428.

Old Town Hot Springs

In the heart of downtown Steamboat is the Old Town Hot Springs. This multi-purpose recreational center has everything from lap pools to a full fitness center. There’s a wide variety of exercise classes offered, from Zumba and BodyPump to spin classes and barre. Or if you want more personalized attention, schedule yourself a personal training session.

All the information you need on visiting the Old Town Hot Springs during your vacation can be found only at