Mount Werner

How about a hike right in your backyard? Mount Werner is a great hike to do during the fall and it’s easily accessible from so many of our properties! Whether you make it to the top of the gondola or all the way up to Storm Peak, you will have panoramic views of the entire valley. Photos will be spectacular!

Here are a few properties that offer you easy access to the trailhead:

Winterwood– From this great 3 bedroom property, take the walk up Burgess Creek Road which dead-ends at the Thunderhead Chair Lift. Once you are there, follow the signs and pick your path up the mountain!

Storm Mountain Townhomes– These townhomes are excellent for hitting the hiking trails. All you have to do is walk out the back door! Seriously… that’s it! Follow the footpath down to the main hiking trail and you are on your way!

Sunday House– This house gives you gorgeous head on views of the resort as well as easy access to the hiking trails. Walk 10 minutes to the base area and they start your ascent!

These are just a few of our favorite properties with easy access to Mt. Werner. Be sure to soak in those gorgeous changing Aspen trees and the expansive views of the valley. And please share your photos with us on Facebook and Instagram at!