Mad Creek

I’d like to set a scene for you, picture this: You’ve just hiked to a gorgeous 111 year-old barn. Once you climb the ladder to the barn loft you decide to sit down and have a relaxing lunch. As you eat you hear the trickling sounds of the creek flowing below you so you decide to look out and enjoy the views! Vibrant shades of gold and orange envelop your sights. It is officially fall in the Yampa Valley. Sounds pretty amazing, right? This picturesque location actually exists! It is located at the end of the popular Mad Creek hike. Want to see it for yourself? Here’s how you get there.


Take Elk River Road (County Road 129) north towards Clark. After about 5 miles, you will see signs and the parking lot for the Mad Creek Trailhead.

What you need to know

The trail itself is 4.5 miles round trip. At the turn around point, you will enjoy a little history and culture with the Mad Barn which was built in 1906 by homesteaders. From there, you can either turn around and head down, or make a big loop and come back down the Red Dirt Trail!

Happy Hiking!

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PC: Duncan Lang